Sunday, 7 June 2009

Making some soap

I have just been making some soap, strawberry and champagne hearts (smell devine). Also made some strawberry cupcake soaps as well with sugar frosting scented whip, they look good enough to eat.

Have had another day at the park today with the kids, i swear my little one is obsessed with feeding the goats - im keeping asda in business buying carrots lol, i dread going near the swings because once she is on them you cant get her off even when it's pouring down (like today).
My nephew was with me today, he is in shock bless him i just dont know what to say to the poor lad. I lost my dad at 19, 10 years on im still raw, i dont think i will ever get over it, so how can i talk to a 12 year old boy about it?
Dreading Thursaday...
Hope everyone is ok.
Keep smiling

1 comment:

  1. Strawberries and champagne, they should go down well. Perhaps you ought to take a tray to Wimbledon this year.

    I lost my Dad at 18 but I think you will find that younger, they do not always grasp the full situation. Just be as normal as possible and let him do the talking, he will if he wants to, then just a hug a listen.

    Take care