Friday, 19 June 2009

Sorry i've been quiet..

To be honest it makes a change for me to be quiet, lol. I've just felt really miserable.
But now i seem to be ok - Thankfully.
I have been making some cards this week, a few oriental themed ones and a couple of mixed designs. Last night i made some baby shoe keepsakes ( i love doing them they are so adorable) Im doing a craft fair in July so i am starting on some stock, - soap i will do last minute so its nice and fresh.
I have to wait in today -BORING, i am waiting for a catalogue collection, a few deliveries from royal mail ---- ohh and an order for me from Mad About Cards (cant wait), So i am going to sort through all my stuff as im doing a car boot sale with my sister on sunday - i have never done one before so that will be an experience lol
Right well im off, my 2 year old is demanding breakfast lol, i will upload some pics of my cards and keepsakes

Keep Smiling

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  1. Hiya Julie
    You sound a bit like me....havent had a lot of time to myself as late, but hoping to craft this weekend, keep ur chin up kidda!