Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Hi everyone, sorry i haven't posted for a while. I have been making lots of cards, and keepsakes, i will take some piccy's of them and put them on here. Im doing a stall on the 15th so i am trying to get all last minute bits done. Still i will never be satisfied, lol.
Have been selling most of my soap moulds on ebay, only a few left thats not been bid on yet (still has 5 days). What has everyone else been up to?
We have had some real nice weather, followed by some horrific thunder storms and loads of rain (terrified of thunder lol).
Its our daughter's 13 birthday on the 24th, so have been buying lots of lovely prezzie's for her (mainly jewellery and perfume) then 2 weeks later its our nephew's 13th (expensive eh)
Right well i have to make a horse and carriage so i will be off.
Take care everyone and remember to keep smiling.